Services Integration Made Easy: Automate Your Workflow with Cloudpipes

Technologies are all around us. They became indispensable part of our daily and business life, and we can't imagine a world without computers, mobile devices and the Internet. We now do more business online than ever before, and for the first time ever mobile usage surpassed desktop.

Information is now consumed on the go and in huge quantities, thus, creating a multitude of tasks that makes our workflow more complex. We often tackle such challenges by multitasking, but it's proven that this practice albeit quite popular in the business world, does not necessarily lead to a greater productivity.

As dreaded multitasking may be, quite often it leads to a vicious circle. You know the drill all too well - log in, assign the same tasks again, update, make report, sign out. Have you ever wished of a tool that can do all of those things for you? Fortunately for you, such a tool exists and we want to tell you more about it.

But first let’s begin with what exactly is workflow automation?

As the name suggests, that’s a way to automate and streamline digitally created workflows often comprised of unstructured tasks involving people, processes, and content. This is meant to support the needs of digital businesses, and it’s based on improving existing work processes or creating new ones. The workflow automation let you not only speed up but improve existing assignments based on your organisation’s or your clients’ needs.

Nowadays workflow automation is used in pretty much all spheres of life - from accounting and billing, to ecommerce, marketing and cloud computing. More or less any assignment created within a software environment can be automated.

On paper it all sounds great, but I’m sure you’re all wondering why would I need such a thing? Yes, your workflow might be alright now, but imagine what would happen if you automate it? Automation raises business efficiency and it's making your employees’ lives much easier. If you opt to automate your process, a few things are sure to happen: you’re going to cut costs, save time, and employ manual workforce to solve more intelligent problems.

Automated workflows can not only save you time and resources, but can increase the overall effectiveness of your company or team. Workflow automation softwares are designed with the specific idea to easily track every stage of your work process, and monitor the activity of those involved.

What is Cloudpipes?

In short, it’s an integration software tool that syncs various apps, and lets you automate your workflow. Cloudpipes enables you to execute quickly and easily tasks between applications based on various conditions and data queries.

Imagine that you want to commit in Github, then create an issue in Jira, which will then send a message in Slack. This normally will require you to be logged in all three services, and do each task manually. With Cloudpipes you can do this with only a few clicks, thanks to our intuitive interface.

What sets Cloudpipes apart from other such tools is our robust engine, offering more sophisticated search functionalities and deeper integration. Other differences include variety of logical conditions and branching in a pipeline/workflow, loops, linking between items in separate systems (that's unique to us), natural language processing pipes, full-blown reg-ex support, and much more.

Why should you use Cloudpipes?

The million dollar question. Think of it this way: could you afford to delegate different tasks to different members of your team? Would that be cost-effective, and would it save you time? If the answer to all three questions is no, then you most probably need a workflow automation tool. With a dedicated customer support and personal account agents, we can meet any requirements in a timely fashion. And if that's not enough, we can tailor a subscription plan based on your need and budget. And on top of that, if you subscribe to our service, you'll be eligible to request new channels and functionalities that might not be initially available.

So ask yourself the following questions: Do you want to optimize the work process? Lower the costs? And speed up the process? If your answer to all three questions is yes, then Cloudpipes is the right fit for you. In an age where time and resources are scarce, every opportunity counts.

Are you ready to fast track your workflow? Drop us a line or request a demo now!

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