How To Search And Update Projects With Basecamp 3 and Google Sheets

Imagine you're working on several projects simultaneously. You need to monitor and update them regularly, and on a timely manner. The incoming information is overwhelming, and you're having a hard time keep track of every single change. Worry not. With Cloudpipes you can monitor and update any change happening anywhere across your projects. We make workflow automation easy, while delivering complex integrations across multiple platforms.

Today we're going to show how to monitor projects, and mark the inactive ones as complete, by using Basecamp 3 and Google Sheet.

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Our pipeline starts with Search Rows. What this pipe does is to perform a query in a predefined account, and chosen spreadsheet, and check for a particular set of rows based on certain criteria.


Next, Cloudpipes will do a lookup in Basecamp 3 for each Google Sheets row based on their individual IDs.


Here the query is solely based on ID. Then Cloudpipes follows with an IF/THEN condition intended to check every Basecamp project for their statuses. If the statuses are not active, then Cloudpipes will update them to inactive.


Once the rows have been updated accordingly, our pipeline will proceed to do one final search by ID to mark each project tasks in Google Sheets as complete.


The above example is just one way to automate your workflow in order to monitor and update your projects more accurately.

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