Introducing Workplace by Facebook


Cloudpipes' continuous mission has always been to deliver a cutting-edge product that caters to the enterprise world. From finding new and better ways to automate workflows, make working in the Cloud more secure, to answering the ever-growing demand to integrate an even wider selection of systems and applications.. Our growth has been steady thanks to our clients and partners who helped us make our product better and more accessible. It hasn't always been easy, but we persisted and pushed until we could deliver an outstanding product that redefines the way companies do business on the web.

Fast, reliable and secure are just some of the founding principles of Cloudpipes, and we strive to uphold these every day.


Our drive to improve our product and company led us to develop our latest integration, Workplace from Facebook, in conjunction with Facebook. It was one of our more requested integrations. And seeing the fast adoption by companies around the world, it made a lot of sense for us to build a connector for Workplace. Business nowadays is a collaborative effort, and as such we want to help companies be more productive with minimal costs.

What is Workplace?

It's an immensely popular collaboration tool, designed to ease the work of teams and organizations. With a familiar interface and functionalities, it makes for an easier and quicker adoption. It has a built-in chat, that allows for one-to-one video calls, video streaming functionality that lets you broadcast to a larger audience, groups that help members of one or two different organizations to collaborate on a single project. The latter function is especially interesting, because it allows people from two different companies to work simultaneously on one project.


One of the more prominent features of Workplace is its enhanced security environment that includes single sign-on capabilities and two-factor authentication. Facebook has made sure that their enterprise collaborative solution offers a robust analytic tool. The company also made great strides towards the unified communications market by giving Workplace more and deeper audio/video conferencing options. Another notable thing about the collaborative platform is the willingness of its creators to engage more actively with third-parties, thus allowing for a host of external integrations aimed at larger organizations.

What we at Cloudpipes loved about Workplace was how easy is to set up your account, exchange information, and supervise any changes regarding a project. Adoption is easy enough, even for users who are not Facebook heavy users. The tool is priceless for those who rely on working from distance as it provides a single work environment for your entire company, it's mobile-friendly, has intuitive UI, and doesn't consume much resources. Shifting to Workplace could possible help declutter your inbox, thus maximizing productivity. Adding to that integrations with third-party software tools such as Box and Salesforce, and we can see why Workplace is preferred by more and more enterprise companies. Frankly, having a unified platform that functions as a social network, collaboration tool, chat and conferencing client, and document sharing and storing service makes our daily operations easier.

A huge advantage in my mind is that Workplace does not integrate with the social network Facebook. This eliminates the constant distractions that the latter provides in the form of memes, cat videos, beauty and cooking tips. But Workplace is great if you're looking for a collaborative solution on the go. It's fast, easy, and intuitive. It's perfect for organizations that are not looking for special features, but for a bundle of functionalities.


Implications of Workplace

Cloudpipes' Workplace integration does give you a lot to work with. You can create accounts and groups, post, receive and edit messages, comments and posts, and add new members to an already existing group. Pretty basic, right? But the true beauty of Workplace lies beyond that. For instance you can do user provisioning easily. Let's say you have a spreadsheet with users, and each time there's a new entry, Cloudpipes with check for a matching contact in Workplace and update it, or if nothing is found, will create one. Or imagine you just finished a call with a potential client, Cloudpipes then goes to check if we have their information stored in Salesforce, and update it if necessary, and finally send a templated message in Workplace with a summary of the call. Or how about we moderate what's going on in our Workplace group. Cloudpipes can do that. Everytime when someone posts something, we can analyze its santiment and reply accordingly, or take other appropriate action. We can go even deeper with additional branching, applied conditions and regular expressions. It all boils down to what we're looking to achieve.


Workplace by Facebook is an excellent hybrid collaboration tool. Combining conferencing, chat and group functionalities into a familiar yet more robust type of social network does come in handy. Easy adoption and great UI does give Workplace an edge over its competitors. Cloudpipes does recognized the great value that Workplace brings to companies, and as such it was a matter of time before we rolled out our own integration. With the users in mind, we made it possible with only a few clicks to connect both systems. With Workplace we wanted to give our clients an advantage when selecting a collaborative tool. We believe that the collaboration and automation tools are only going to get more diverse and complex, and in that sense Workplace represents the future. And we're giving it to you, in the form of our newest integration.

Trying to connect Workplace with Cloudpipes, but you can't quite figure out how to do that? Our free complimentary tutorial will walk you through every step of the process. Request yours now!

Photo credit: Facebook Workplace (Jason Alden / Bloomberg)