Cloudpipes Partners with Revo 4me


We live in an age where the way we live, communicate and do business is defined by technology. Cloudpipes recognize that, and that's why we tirelessly work to improve our core product. Our mission is to deliver an all-encompassing enterprise cloud solution that is suitable for both citizen integrators and tech enthusiasts.

Our goal is to build a reliable, secure, and easy to use cutting-edge product that caters to the ever growing needs of the enterprise world. We have committed ourselves to make workflow automation more accessible, fast, and reliable.

Growth is not only defined by the number of features a product has, or by the number of employees a company has, but by the combined trust of customers, investors and partners. Partnerships are paramount, for they help us develop our company and product further.

Partnership With Revo 4me Services

We're happy to announce our partnership with Revo 4me Services. Revo have specialized in delivering powerful IT and Enterpise service management applications, with 100% SIAM capability at its core, enabling all internal and external customers, partners and suppliers to collaborate together.

Revo is our first partner for the UK and mainland Europe. Their specialists will advise and provide immediate support to companies looking to utilise Cloudpipes.

Our newest integration: 4me

Cloudpipes is proud to announce that we're not only partnering with Revo, but we now offer integration with 4me. Revo 4me has made it easier for organisations that work together to connect and share service with immediate SLA setup. Our 4me integration allows you to work with Notes, make Requests and Uploads. For more information regarding our newest integration, click here.

Meet us at Digital Service Collaboration

The other big announcement we'd like to share is our participation in the Revo 4me's Digital Service Collaboration conference that will take place on Sep. 20th in London, and Sep. 27th in Birmingham. The event is designed for service management professionals that are looking to achieve digital service transformation with a true multi-tenancy approach. For registration and full program, please follow this link.

Having difficulties connecting 4me with Cloudpipes? Our free complimentary tutorial will walk you through every step of the process. Request yours now!

Photo credit: A. and I. Kruk | | CC BY 3.0