Integrate Dropbox to automate content workflows

According to a McKinsey Global Institute study, knowledge workers spend more than half of their time searching for content, switching between applications, revising old versions of documents and sorting emails. There is a lot of wasted time and money in the gaps between apps and content.

You can now connect Dropbox to Cloudpipes to bridge these gaps and automate your content workflows. With our Dropbox integration, relevant relevant project files and information can be automatically exported to a specific shared folder for collaboration and reporting.

Cloudpipes extends the capabilities of Dropbox for structuring and managing information by parsing, processing and synchronising files between Dropbox and any project tracking system like Jira, or CRM such as Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce.

Link email and CRM attachments to Dropbox

Many of our users find it very useful to have a directory structure matching their customers' list and being able to store relevant documents there.

With Cloudpipes you can connect your CRM system of choice with Dropbox and automatically have a custom directory structure created for each of your customers in the CRM. You can selectively replicate attachments from the CRM to your Dropbox customer-specific folder and have automatic Dropbox links populated in the CRM.

This allows you to upload files to CRM directly from Dropbox, as well as work around CRM storage limits for attachments and limits of user access, allowing only selected Dropbox users to see the relevant files.

Gmail file attachments can also be added to the equation. If you connect your Gmail to Cloudpipes, it can store any mail attachments to a Dropbox dedicated customer folder mapping between the sender/recipient email address and the CRM records.

Generate powerful reports

With Cloudpipes you can run queries and fetch data from more than 150 systems. This data can be structured in any possible way needed, recorded as a report in CSV format and this CSV file can be uploaded to Dropbox for analysis and /or review. This process can be automated as periodic task that runs on a given period of time and produces new reports, each uploaded to a dedicated Dropbox location.

Task management for geeks

Often the UI of task management systems is complex and convoluted with unnecessary details. You can have a Markdown TODO file stored in Dropbox where you can review/add/edit tasks with your favourite text editor and Cloudpipes can parse and process this file replicating the tasks in a task-tracking system like Asana, Jira, Azure DevOps.

Business users worldwide make 6 billion API calls to Dropbox from connected applications per year. Our new integration automates Dropbox collaboration for a truly connected modern workplace.

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