Hubspot Engagements are now available!

Hola amigos! As you know, we here at Cloudpipes are working tirelessly to make our platform even more amazing. That's why we keep rolling out new functionalities and channels, and even as I write this our developers are working a new integration that I'm sure will make a lot of customers happy. But today we're going to talk about our Hubspot integration.

Hubspot, the beloved inbound marketing automation software packs a lot of powerful features. With Cloudpipes it becomes easier to harness that power. In today's post we're introducing a new feature that we're sure will please our Hubspot users - the Engagements.

In short, Engagements are any type of interactions with a contact logged inside of Hubspot. Such interactions may include a note, task or activity reporting as well.

There are two ways of using our Engagement pipe - as a trigger or action. The former activates when an Engagement is created within the CRM platform. You can add additional conditions to specify things like the type of Engagement (note, call, email, meeting, task), contact ID, deal steges, associated contacts and companies and so on.

The latter lets you use the Engagements pipe as an action, meaning manually executing the Engagement. This pipe will let you define the Engagement type, associate companies and contacts, put timestamps etc.

Each of the designated fields can be populated with custom data taken from the previous input fields up in your pipeline. The pipe shows extra flexibility by letting you fill in all required information for a meeting, note, email or a deal you want to create.

Simple (or as our Spanish customers would say sencillo), isn't it? Two pipes that can save you a lot of work and time. Why don't you try them. You'll see how simple it is.

Engagement fields are just one of many Hubspot features that we integrated in Cloudpipes. If you think we missed something or you want to suggest one, let us know by sending us a message!

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