How To Use ClearBit To Look Up And Update New HubSpot Contacts

Getting contacts from one CRM to another and keeping them in sync may sometimes become a bit overwhelming. Using several systems simultaneously proves a challenge, especially when time is not a commodity you have in stock. So what do you do? Obviously, having more people to help is not an option. This is where workflow automation shines. By connecting your apps with an automation platform, you can not only execute your daily tasks faster, but potentially save your company resources (and of course money). But how do you do?

In today's post we're going to show a quick and easy way of finding a Hubspot contact through Clearbit, and updating it.

By now, I'm sure you created an account. So, let's begin by signing in.

Our trigger-based pipeline will begin with Contact Created.


Although we only selected the account the new contact will be created in, we could potentially add what additional information we want to include when a new contact is created.

Next, we're going to call Clearbit to have a lookup by email.


Apart from searching for a specific person, we could also look for that person's company name by using the Look Up a Company pipe.

Finally, once our contact is found, Cloudpipes will proceed to update it in Hubspot to include first and last name, via the Update a Contact pipe.


We can always add more information such as email, phone, address details, or other specifics that Cloudpipes pulled out.

And we're done. That was just a simple way of looking up and updating contact information in Hubspot with Clearbit and Cloudpipes.

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