How To Keep Your Projects Updated With Asana and Smartsheet

Working on a big project or a series of smaller objects is not just time-consuming, but potentially nerve-wrecking. When you have deadlines to catch, yet times is never enough, what do you do? Either you delegate, or you try to do as much as possible. In the latter case workflow automation comes in handy, because it allows you to automate certain tasks, or entire workflow, thus providing you with more time to focus on other assignments.

Tasks, tasks, tasks. The backbone of every project. But without them is extremely difficult to track and measure your project's status. That's why updating your tasks on the go is paramount for how your projects is advancing.

Today, we're going to take a look how with the help of Asana and Smartsheet, you can easily update tasks and rows automatically.

The workflow you're about to see works best if paired with an identical one that, for example, creates new tasks and rows. Establishing a bi-directional connection closes the gap when dealing with various project variables, as it monitors and makes changes based in regular data imput.

Let's get our hands busy, shall we? Assuming you've already registered for our free Trial, hit the login button, and then Create a Pipeline.

Our pipeline will be a trigger based, meaning that it'll be set off once a specific event has happened. In this case that would be Task Updated for Asana.


The update will occur if the due date, task status or assignee have been changed.

From here Cloudpipes will proceed to fetch a linked row, based on the Asana task linked to it.


If a row has been found, that specific row will be updated with due date, status, assignee, and assignee email.


If Cloudpipes is unable to find a row, based on the above criteria, then it'll create a new one.


Once created, the row will have all needed information transfered from the Asana task.

All done! Your tasks will get updated in no time.

No matter how complex your workflow might be, Cloudpipes will always find a turnaround. Email us your requirements, and we'll get back to you immediately with a suggestion on how to make your workflow viable and profitable.

Still not convinced? Try our complimentary free tutorial, and experience first hand the power of workflow automation!