How To Update Leads in Insightly from Google Sheets

Let's say you're getting tons of new leads, and you have hard time categorizing them into one spreadsheet. On top of that you want to update each and every lead in Insightly. But doing it manually would take too much time. So, instinctively you want to automate it to save time. But how do you do it?

In today's post we take a look at a simple yet effective way of combining Google Sheets and Insightly to accelerate your sales team's efforts.

From words to actions. In case you haven't registered, you can make an account. It's really easy.

Now, it's time to construct our pipeline, which will be trigger-based. We'll start with New Row in Google Spreadsheet.


Here we can also map lead score and grade, and name of the lead.

From there Cloudpipes will search for leads in Insightly based on email and name.


Based on the found results, our pipeline will then those leads by grade and score.


Depending on our workflow, we can always add more information regarding our leads (date, industry, email, address).

And that sums up our lead-processing workflow using Google Sheets and Insightly.

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