How To Create and Update Items Using Wrike and Sharepoint

Project management is now firmly grounded in every organization's business activity. Being able to successfully execute a project, and monitor its development is of the utmost importance for any company's growth.

In today's post we'll walk you how to improve your project management efforts using Wrike and Microsoft Sharepoint. We'll show an easy way to update or create new items in Sharepoint each time a folder is updated in Wrike.

First off, login into your account, or if you don't have one, you can register for free.

Next, our pipeline will start with Folder Updated in Wrike. This is a trigger pipe that will set in motion our pipeline once our Wrike folder has been modified.


Although this is a basic trigger, if the need arises, we can add more conditions in order to designate folder's ID, put a title or insert a description.

The folder update will be followed by a search for items in Sharepoint. Here we'll tell Cloudpipes to do a query based on Wrike ID. Alternatively, we can change the search criteria, or expand it adding more conditions.


If the search finds items matching our criteria, then it'll update each and every one of them by title (or ID, for example).


However, if the search comes empty, then Cloudpipes will go on to create new Sharepoint items with predefined values. Those can be changed depending on our needs.


This is but one example how you can automate your workflow, and achieve perfect synchronization between two or more systems, to streamline your project management efforts.

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