How To Filter and Send Positive Facebook Posts to Slack

Imagine you maintain your own Facebook page, or that of a big international brand. People keep flocking to your page with questions, suggestions or critique. Many of those might even be on your native language. So how do you respond to someone who writes you in a language you're not proficient with?

In today's post we're going to address that issue specifically. In other words, how to translate and receive Facebook statuses directly to Slack.

First, login to your account, or in case you don't have one, you can always make one for free.

Let the real work begin. Our pipeline will begin with the trigger-based On New Status pipe. It triggers every time when we (or somebody else) post a new status on our page.


We can always map more custom field to reflect the nature of the update (link captions, URLs, status types, date of creation etc.)

Cloudpipes will then translate the status in English via Google Translate.


Here we filled out the text field with the type of information we want to see displayed in Slack.

After we translated the Facebook status in English, we're going to check if the status is either positive or negative thanks to our built-in Text channel.


If the Facebook update does match the previous criteria, then Cloudpipes will send a message in Slack detailing the update and its polarity.


And that's how you can quickly and efficiently translate and transmit Facebook updates with the help of Cloudpipes.

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