How To Request a Docusign Signature From a Hubspot Deal


Closing a deal is a great feeling. Imagine clocking hundreds or even thousand of hours in to a deal to make it happen. From identifying the prospect, to nurturing the lead, to bringing each business opportunity to a successful end, it takes a lot of time and dedication, but the feeling when done right is fantastic. I'm sure you'll all agree with me.

Writing and sending contracts has long become digitized. There are numerous apps that do just that, and we rely on them to make our lives a little bit easier. But logging in and out only to create, sign and send a single contract takes time.

Imagine that you can close a deal in Hubspot, and then create and send a Docusign document for a signature, all through a single platform, without the need to log separately in each and every one of them. Wouldn't that be great?

The short answer is yes! Cloudpipes is that unifying platform that can achieve that. In our new blogpost we'll demonstrate how easy it is to automate your workflow, and get Hubspot and Docusign to work together in a seamless manner.

Connecting Hubspot and Docusign

Every great workflow begins with a simple login. Hit the Create a Pipeline button to start.

Next, we'll proceed with building the pipeline, starting with the Deal Created pipe. Our pipeline will trigger every time a deal has been created.


Here, we can additionally filter deals by pipeline ID and name, deal stage, and associated contect/company. If needed we can always insert regular expressions. This is usually reserved for more advanced workflows.


Next, we can add an IF/THEN condition depending on the deal stage. If the deal was not successful, Cloudpipes will shoot a desktop notification to let us know.


Alternatively, if the deal went trhrough we can request a signature via Docusign. In this pipe we included the document's URL, signer's information, and status.


That's how you can go from winning deals in Hubspot to requesting signatures in Docusign with a simple automated workflow. It take a mere minutes to set up, but can be quite useful in certain situations. Once you're ready, just press Play.

Using Hubspot with Docusign? Looking for a functionality that is missing? Let us know!