How To Quickly Process Information From Freshdesk To Google Sheets

Tickets. Whether you're a developer or customer support agent you relate on tickets to relay crucial information quickly, and to the right people. Anyone who's ever worked in call centers will tell you that tickets are created en masse, so being able to gather and send information in a timely manner is crucial. Fortunately for us, Cloudpipes offers a neat way to quickly track and report any events and turn them into tickets. Even better - you can automate the way they are handled. In today's post we'll show you an easy and simple way of automating your workflow involving Freshdesk and Google Sheets.

Let's get down to business. First off, login. Or simply create a new account.

Now, let's build our pipeline. The first pipe will make a call to an URL.


This pipe triggers when you send a HTTP request to a chosen site, and returns information provided by the site. We can assign method, add headers and/or body, or even finish the webhook call with a regular expression.

Speaking of regular expressions, this would be the second pipe we're going to use. Just as with Incoming Request, it is part of our built-in channels.


Here, we used the webhook's information to populate the text field, and we also added \d+ in the regular expression field, to designate a sequence of one or more digits.

From here Cloudpipes will go on to search for a specific tickets in Freshdesk.


Those tickets will be search by priority and by matching the regular expression.

For each found ticket, our pipeline will append a new row in spreadsheet that we have selected in advance.


This pipe allows us to map several custom fields. It all depends on our goals, and the information we need to retrieve and distribute.

This is a different way for searching and handling issues using Freshdesk and Google Sheets, with some help from Cloudpipes' built-in channels.

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