How To Monitor Your Tasks with Jira and Slack

Tracking tasks is crucial for frictionless project management and to identify potential production issues. That's why knowing how your project progresses through every stage of the production is vital.

Today we're all about task monitoring. In this post we'll lay out the blueprint for a simple, yet effective way to update and monitor your tasks using Jira and Slack.

First, click on Create a Pipeline. If by chance you don't have an account, create one for free.

Our workflow will begin with the Issue Updated pipe.


This pipe will set our pipeline in motion. It triggers everytime when a Jira task is updated. Depending on your goal, a more detailed criteria could be added to further segment the updated tasks.

From there we'll tell Cloudpipes to check each Jira task status. If it contains "In Progress", it'll go on to perform a search for issues.


In this case the search criteria is based on type and status. Of course the search results can be modified to include project ID, assignee/reporter, priority, and due dates.

For each task found this way, Cloudpipes will send a message in Slack, displaying the current status of each task.


If not task with status "In Progress" was found, Cloudpipes will notify a team member that no ongoing tasks were found.


And that's just how easy and quick is to automate your workflow using Cloudpipes. Monitor your tasks in real time, and notify your team with one, simple pipeline.

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