How To Look For Events And Attendees And Export Them By Using Eventbrite and Google Sheets

You must have noticed that we focus a lot on project management. Management, however, is not just about projects. Event management is another field where Cloudpipes could support your success thanks to our Eventbrite integration. Imagine, there is a way to automatically check for events and attendees, and then quickly store the information in your spreadsheet. Wouldn't that come in handy? Today, we are going to show you how to turn that idea into an automated workflow.

Let's get to the sweet part - building our pipeline. Login, or register a new account.

Our pipeline begins with Search Events.


Here we can always add more criteria such as organizer, description, URL or even specify if our event is "invitation only".

Cloudpipes will run an automatic search for attendees for each found event.


In addition, we could specify if the event is canceled and/or refunded, and we can even find about the ticket class.

Once we have all the attendees sorted out, we'll export them into a spreadsheet.


This simple workflow table will provide you with all the basic information regarding your event's attendees. We advise you to explore our pipeline editor, and try all the exclusive functionality that we have recently added.

This is just one of many ways of connecting Eventbrite and Google Sheets by using Cloudpipes. Know a better way of using these two? Drop us a line!

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