How To Log Information From Broadworks Directly to Google Sheets and Smartsheet

Imagine you had an important call with a potential client. The call was long and complex, and lots of things were discussed. You finally manage to convince the person that your product or service is the right one for them. You close the call happy knowing that the deal is almost done, waiting only for a signature. You go on to tell your colleagues about the nerve-wrecking but successful call you had, and then disaster strikes. You were so into the conversation that you forgot to take notes, and write down all the specification the client requires. What are the options? Either to call the client again, and extract all those technical requirements that you forgot to save. Or you can make sure that the entire call was recorded, and the information extracted into an audio file, then analyzed and finally stored in your CRM system. I think we both know which option you'd go for.

In today's post we're going to show you how to get squeeze the juice out of every conversation, and splatter it in a visually comprehensive and manageable way. In other words today we're going to see how to extract information from a call in Broadworks, and then save the information in both Google Sheets and Smartsheet.

Ready to nail those calls? Alright then. Time to begin.

To capture any incoming call, we will use Call Notification, a trigger pipe that will set the entire pipeline in motion, once a certain condition is met.


Here you can see that the trigger will get activated once the call is ended. We specified the criteria under which the pipeline will act. We can map additional custom fields, and if needed we can insert regular expressions.

The next step would be to store the captured information. In our case we're going to put that info in Google Sheets.


Here we collect all necessary info about our potential customer and our call. Since most of us keep any client information in some sort of CRM, we'll do the same by sending all that we need in Smartsheet.


Here we have everything regarding our call. Additionally Cloudpipes allow for extracting the conversation as a text, and analyzing it, if the need for that arises.

And that's how to get a phone call information from Broadworks to Google Sheets and Smartsheet.

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