How To Instantly Update Your Leads and Contact Using Zoho and Active Campaign

Capturing new leads is sometimes a slow and daunting process, not to mention time-consuming. And all those leads need not only to be stored somewhere, but you have to make sure the sales team has up-to-date information.

In today's post we're going to demonstrate a quick way to update information in both Active Campaign and Zoho through Cloudpipes.

Ready for some pipeline building? Good. Then let's login and begin.

As in most cases, our pipeline would be trigger-based. Meaning that it'll get activated once something happens in system (instance) which the trigger is based on. In this case we're going to use Lead Updated which will set our pipeline on, once a lead has been updated in Zoho CRM.


As you can see, we specifically said to Cloudpipes that we want to update those leads that are with predefined custom fields. Furthermore, we can add owner and company information, phone and email.

Next, Cloudpipes is going to check if we have a contact in Active Campaign corresponding to any lead we have in Zoho.


The query here is done by the email. If a contact is found in Active Campaign that matches a particular email logged in Zoho, then Cloudpipes will go on to update said contact in AC. Here we can add not just name and email of the contact, but organization, lists and tags, if needed.


Although we haven't mentioned it, we could very easily make this workflow more complex by adding IF/THEN conditions, that will enable us to not just update, but create, fetch, lookup and delete contacts and leads.

And that's how you get Zoho CRM and Active Campaign to help you update new leads and contact.

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