How To Handle Issues With Salesforce and Jira

Bugs. Developers hate them. And for a good reason. Just when you thought that you had compiled your code, and you run it, you get a big flashy error message. No amount of coffee can save a computer from the wrath of the programer, or the despair of running a compiler over and over again. But fortunately there are ways to track and report such occurrences. Even better - you can automate the way bugs are handled. In today's post we'll show you a nice and simple way of automating your workflow involving Salesforce and Jira.

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First thing first, we'll use a trigger. A trigger is a special type of pipe, that runs automatically when a certain condition is met. In our case we'll use Issue Created from our list of Jira pipes.


This will run the our pipeline every time when an issue with set ID is created. If needed, we can always add a summary or description, issue type, who reported it, or who's been assigned to, status, labels and so forth.

Next, we'll apply a regular expression to designate a specific action that we want Cloudpipes to perform. This pipes is part of Cloudpipes' built-in channels, designed to do specific tasks.


Here, the regular expression will be applied to the Jira issue, to add client's name and Salesforce ID.

After the regular expression is applied, Cloudpipes will then create a new Salesforce object with the information we need.


The object is also linked to our Jira issue, and it's creation will reflect upon the Jira issue. In this case Cloudpipes will update our Jira issue with the object's ID.


You can always add more fields to this pipe, so once the Issue is updated, to display more thorough information.

This is a quick and easy way of handling issues and objects with the help of Salesforce and Jira. Know a better way of using these two? Drop us a line!

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