How To Get Your Issues and Tickets Updated With Phabricator and Zendesk

Our theme as of recently seems to be tickets. I'm sure you've noticed it. And you're probably wondering why is that? Truth be told, tickets (as much as we might dislike them) are the white blood cells of every project. From planning, through execution, and to delivery, it all happens in the form of countless tickets. We understand that, and are trying to present the role of the ticket from various different angles.

In today's post we'll show how any change in your Phabricator issues can lead to your Zendesk tickets being updated.

First, sign in to your account, and click on the Create a Pipeline button.

Next, we're going to use a trigger, Issue Updated from our Phabricator channel's list of pipes.


As we can see here, our pipeline will trigger once our Phabricator issue has been updated either by status or owner. Conditions may vary depending on our goal. We can include description, when it was created/updated, or if it was closed.

The pipe we're building can also go nicely with another identical pipeline, that can create issues and tickets. In that way you'd have a bi-directional synchronization happening in real-time.

Back to our pipeline. Once the Phabricator issue has been created, Cloudpipes will fetch a linked Phab issue.


If a corresponding issue has been found and has a defined owner, then our pipeline will go on to update the Zendesk ticket by status.


If our Zendesk ticket has a predefined status, then we'll update the ticket with its current state and time of the occurrence.


In case our ticket is resolved, Cloudpipes will update its status accordingly and will put a timestamp.


And with that our pipeline is complete! Your tasks will get updated in no time.

No matter how complex your workflow might be, Cloudpipes is here to help. Email us your requirements, and we'll get back to you with a solution that will make it viable and profitable.

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