How To Create Users Simultaneously In ServiceNow and MailChimp

Dealing with databases can be a challenging task. It requires hours of hard work, entering data manually and repeating the process again the very next day. No one really likes working on databases unless left with no other choice. Fortunately, with the advent of sophisticated digital technologies more and more businesses have started to rely on workflow automation solutions to manage their databases. Workflow automation and tool integration platforms have emerged as a primary solution for cloud-based services to boost their growth and streamline operations.

Today, we're going to show you how to create a new user in ServiceNow, and then automatically exporting it to MailChimp.

Got your attention? Good. Let's login and begin.

First, let's start by creating our user in ServiceNow. We're going to do this by placing a trigger pipe.


We'll have our queries filtered by the criteria above.

Next, we're going to subscribe the customer to our existing email list.


Here we have mapped the names and email fields as well as user status.

Finally, once a new user is subscribed, Cloudpipes will notify us via email. In this case, we use our build-in email channel.


The email notification will provide us all the details we need about our newly created user.

And that is how you get ServiceNow and MailChimp to help you subscribe new users instantly.

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