How To Simultaneously Create Projects in Asana and Basecamp3, and Groups in GSuite

The ability to create project simultaneously in several different cloud apps could be potentially handy (especially if time is not on your side). With Cloudpipes it's easier than ever to automate your workflow, and streamline your project management.

In today's post we'll show you how to easily create projects in Asana and Basecamp3, and groups in GSuite.

First, login into Cloudpipes. If you haven't registered, you can do so easily and for free.

Next, we'll build our pipeline. We'll start with the Create a Project pipe in Asana.


You can specify the titular account, workspace and project name. If needed you can designate the team who will be working on the project, leave notes, and even choose a color for our project.

After the pipeline has been started, and you have successfully created a new Asana project, this will prompt the creation of a new project in Basecamp 3 via the Create a Project pipe.


Account and project name has been added and then the description of the Asana project. Although it wasn't specified, but in case it's needed, you can put additional conditions to add more complexity to your workflow depending of the end goal.

Once the project is created simultaneously in Asana and Basecamp 3, Cloudpipes will go on to create a brand new group in GSuite.


In this last step, you designate the working account, email, give a name to our group, and added a description. After mapping the various fields, all you have to do is press Play.

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