How To Create And Update Leads With Marketo And Insightly

Leads are what sustains every business. Without them no business would be able to take off, let alone survive in this highly competitive age we live in. The ability to capture leads, and successfully convert them into clients is what ultimately what sets your company apart from the rest.

Effective lead capturing shouldn't be done manually. With Cloudpipes it can be automated. And in today's post we'll show you an easy way to do that.

Let's get right to it. Login to start creating your pipeline.

We're going to start with the trigger-based Lead Created in Marketo.


Here, we didn't just select the default account, but we also added an additional field called Acquisition Program. Cloudpipes does let you add tons of other fields as options, depending on your account setup and goals.

Once our lead has been created, Cloudpipes will check for existing leads in Insightly by email.


Next, with our IF/THEN branching we'll going to look for a non-existing leads. If nothing matches the email address we used in our search, then our pipeline will create a new lead in Insightly.


In addition, if Cloudpipes does find matching leads, then we can have it update those leads with company and contact information.

That wraps up our lead-processing workflow using Marketo and Insightly.

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