How To Get Your Tasks Updated, and Your Team Notified With Asana and Slack

Emails have been pronounced dead for years. People are constantly finding new ways to communicate and exchange information and data. But no matter how much we automate things, and integrate AI and machine learning, emails still remain a reliant form of reaching out to people, and conduct business. No matter how hard we try to kill email, its resilience still beats any odds.

Tasks are the foundation upon which projects are built. They identify problems, set goals and help you make sure deadlines are met.

In today's post we'll show you how to combine emails and tasks to create a workflow that will keep you up-to-date when you receive new information regarding a project.

Assuming you have already registered, now click on the Create a Pipeline to get going.

Our pipeline like many others starts with a trigger. In this case it triggers the moment we receive an email.


Once the email is received, Cloudpipes will check for existing Asana tasks by thread ID.


The thread ID might be very well substituted with message ID, the recipient's email address, name or other info. We can even look up for attachments, if needed.

For each found task, our pipeline will update the appropriate Asana task with the received email body text.


Here we can always populate more fields that will send more information to our Asana task. Afterwards we'll let our team know that we've updated the task.


The emails could be also filtered by labels, for example, so specific information goes to go to a specific department or team, without flooding the rest with non-relevant messages.

Back to our initial Asana task search. If it comes back empty, because Cloudpipes did not find any tasks matching our thread ID, then our pipeline will proceed to create a new Asana task that with have the email's body text as a note.


Once we have the task created, Cloudpipes will once more notify the lead team or department that we have made a new task, with all the info they might need.


All done! We have successfully created a workflow, that will keep our team in the loop for every change happening on specific project at any time.

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