Cloudpipes now let you access Intercom custom fields

Hi guys! Everyday we are working on making Cloudpipes better. That's why we keep delivering new integrations and functionalities, always striving to improve. This is why today we're gonna talk a bit about Intercom, and our new option - the custom fields (or attributes).

Here's a use case that we had not long ago. A user wanted to update their Hubspot contacts every time an Intercom user was updated. There had to be custom fields updated as well. At the time we had no such option, but very quickly we made it.

So, how do you do that? It's very simple.

Just to demonstrate, we made a new pipeline. We placed an Intercom User Updated trigger, and we added two conditions that will filter the upcoming polling requests.

The Custom Attributes field may not always yield visible results, but that doesn't mean that Cloudpipes does not see them. Here's how to get around that.

You can very easily build another pipeline that will show you a list of all custom attributes that your Intercom account has. We will start with the Look Up a User pipe, and we'll apply a regular expression.

This is the fastest way to get the full list of your custom attributes. As you can see we used the [.*] to see all attributes. To make sure that we'll get all fields, we applied an IF/THEN condition that will match our reg-ex, and will show us a pop-up desktop message with all the info we need.

Since sometimes Cloudpipes doesn't identify custom attributes as such, showing zero results in the custom field panel section, you can solve that issue by manually inserting the custom attributes as regular expressions in the desired fields.


In this way attributes will populate the chosen fields once your pipeline is being activated.

This is but one instance of how flexible Cloudpipes could be. If you think we could improve our service, or you want to suggest one, let us know by sending us a message!