How Docusign Events Can Update Pipedrive Deals

Finding opportunities and chasing leads is something your sales and business development team do on a daily basis. That's why it's important to monitor every stage of the sales process, and turn every opportunity into a closed deal. Your sales people will tell you that chasing leads is often time-consuming and inglorious, but it's what keep your business afloat. Being able to close a deal is a feeling like no other. The sheer satisfaction is immense.

That's why nowadays many tools exist to support sales and business development teams in their day-to-day operations. Of them Docusign and Pipedrive are two of the more popular one. We've already seen numerous workflows involving these two.

Today's post as you've probably guessed it, is dedicated to Pipedrive and Docusign. We're going to show you how upon a completed event in Docusign, a Pipedrive deal would be updated based on various criteria.

Alright then. Let's get to work. Sign in to your account, or create one.

Our pipeline will start with a trigger. We'll tell Cloudpipes to run every time there's an Envelope Event.


As a prerequisite, our pipeline will trigger only if the event was completed. We can additionally set a timestamp, email, or whether it was signed delivered, among other things.

Next, Cloudpipes will do a dedicated search in Pipedrive.


We decided to filter upcoming queries by email, and sort them in ascending order. From there for each person found by the above criteria, we'll look if there's any deal matching those people that we found.


And finally each found deal would be subsequently updated by stage and status.


If needed, more values can be added to reflect the end goal of our workflow.

Workflow automation shouldn't be difficult. Cloudpipes helps users design their workflows easily and efficiently. Synchronizing Docusign and Pipedrive to work on your next deal could be done with a single workflow blueprint.

Not sure you need Cloudpipes? Grab your free complimentary tutorial, and get ahead of the competition!