How Cloudpipes Uses A Bot to Streamline Workflow

We here at Cloudpipes love to automate things. Workflow, communication, billing and project management, if we can make it faster and more functional, we'll do it. But we also make so for our own projects. Whether it be ticketing or bug reporting, we like to make things a little bit easier.

Today we're going to show you just one case of automating our workflow using Intercom and Jira.

Intercom (as you guessed it) is our to go communication app with our customers. Jira of course with its many functionalities and robust reporting and ticketing system, is what we use to systematize and prioritize our tasks.

Now, both Jira and Intercom go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and banana. And to illustrate that we created a fun, little bot that we use to create Jira tickets on the go from Intercom conversations. It save us time, and let us continue with the conversation without the need to break away to make a ticket.

Here's how it work. Once we get a request in Intercom, we prioritize. If an unknown issue has occurred, or someone requests a new functionality, we make a ticket.

We do have Phabricator, but linking is still being developed (we're mere days of completion). What do people do next? Open Jira, create a new ticket, fill out all the necessary information, add labels and links, choose assignee and sprint. Ok, we still do these things, but in a rather different fashion. Instead of dealing immediately with Jira, we ask our bot to do that for us. Here's how we do it:

Basically I said to the Cloudpipes bot that I want a ticket created containing said email, and name of the issue. This leads almost immediately to Cloudpipes creating the Jira ticket:

Which in Jira would look like this:

It's a simple, but effective solution for streamlining the ticketing process. We're pretty sure that the Cloudpipe users can come up with lots of ingenious ways of using our platform whether it be for ticketing or something else.

This is but one instance of how flexible Cloudpipes could be. If you think we could improve our service, or you want to suggest one, let us know by sending us a message!