Forgot Your Significant Other's Birthday? Cloudpipes To The Rescue!

Let's face it. Men tend to forget a lot of things: from the day they first met their significant others, to the moments when they first kissed, to their marriage and beyond. It saddens us, here at Cloudpipes, when a dear customer forgets to honor their partner in crime, not because of the cold Spam he's going to get for dinner, but because people way too often forget about the wonderful beings we came to love and cherish.

Truth be told, we don't have a solution for the lonely Spam dinners (hint: men, learn to cook already!), but we just might be able to help you learn to appreciate a little more your significant others. Let's say you often forget the important dates in your life, and you're not the type of guy who writes memos on a Post-It notes. Then we can help. You can create a simple pipeline that will trigger a reminder of the important event. How, you ask? Read on.

Set The Mood (or how to connect Slack, Wunderlist, Google Calendar)

Wait up! You didn't think we're going to give you everything, right? You'll have to do a few click to achieve digital bliss. First off, let's connect all the channels.

To start log into Cloudpipes, or if you don't have an account, sign up for our 14-days free Trial.

Connecting Google Calendar, Slack, and Wunderlist is quite easy. Just had them all open, then go to the lower end of the screen, and hit Create a Pipeline. Bear in mind that with all Google products you have to be logged with the account you want to use. Cloudpipes will not display other accounts linked with your main one. Then from the drop-down menu on the right choose the necessary channels. Below each of the channels there's a big, blue Connect button which is all you need to click at to start constructing your pipeline.

Get The Love Going (or how to create your pipeline)

What initially might look like a damn hard thing to do, is actually quite simple. This post aims to show to you can construct a pipeline (or a sequence) that will serve as a personal reminder of an important date. In our case it will remind us of our significant other's birthday. And although that seems like a simple task, you'd be amazed how many people (especially men) forget that day.

Let's begin by marking the date. Nothing unusual here. We set the date, the hours, and give our event a name.

Now, it's important that we set a criterion that will actually trigger our pipeline. We'll use an IF/THEN condition defined by the event's description, that will prompt a desktop notification.

The notification will then lead to the creation of Wunderlist tasks with a sweet reminder at the end.

If the description of the event is different from what we initially specified in the IF condition, Cloudpipes will then send another desktop notification, just to remind you that something important is coming.

Finally, our pipeline will send a Slack message to a preselected channel to notify and invite colleagues to the party you’re doing.

Ta-da! It's that simple! We showed you how to make a simple pipeline that will remind you of important events. Of course it can be modified to suit your needs accordingly.

This is just one example of how Cloudpipes works. Found a better to use our service? We'd love to hear about it.

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