How To Do A Desk Case Escalation With Salesforce, Basecamp3 and Slack

Even the most well-crafted strategy can backfire. No matter how well oiled your team is, there's always something that can go wrong. Your compiler suddenly popped up with an error. Or maybe a technical process stoped working. If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.

Issues are generally resolved by the customer care teams, who assist clients when issues arise. But in many cases the customer support doesn't have the competence nor the authority to handle more technical issues.

Most companies have escalation procedures that enables for a proper technical case handling. In many cases teams try to resolve issues by themselves, only to find that it proves too complex. The ability to properly escalate an issue is imperative for an effortless project management.

In today's blogpost we'll demonstrate how to quickly escalate an issue from Salesforce through Basecamp3 and Slack. It takes mere minutes, but can be lifesaving in certain situations.

Connecting Salesforce, Basecamp3 and Slack with Cloudpipes

We'll start by logging into Cloudpipes. Don't have an account? You can easily make one.

The first pipe in our workflow would be Case Updated trigger in Salesforce. Here we can map any additional fields like Label and Status, to filter only the updated cases that will trigger our pipeline. Next, we'll include an IF/THEN condition that would segment the cases further by a specific label.


If cases matching our criteria are found, Cloudpipes will proceed to create a Basecamp3 Todo, corresponding to the working project. Additionaly, we can fill out the Content, Description, Assignee and Due On fields, if needed.


After the Todo, Cloudpipes will send a quick Slack message with the updated case information from Salesforce, and in the appropriate channel to inform project assignees of any ongoing developments.


Depending on the number of labels and other variables, the pipeline could be prolonged with a series of pipes, aimed at identifying different cases based on various criteria, thus creating numerous Todos and sending messages to different assignees. Furthermore, various pipes could be linked to another pipeline creating a bi-directional synchronization in real time.

This is one way of escalationg cases using Cloudpipes. We'd love to hear how you do it.