Cloudpipes: A Progress Through Change

“Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”

― George Bernard Shaw

Those words belong to the late great George Bernard Shaw. They perfectly summarize our thinking here at Cloudpipes. Just like Shaw, we too think that progress is impossible without change.

In the past couple of years we accomplished a lot. We gained more recognition and encouragement for our work, and more businesses started to trust us. But we felt that we can do more. We realized that we need to grow in order to be able to better cater for our clients, and provide better services. But growth itself means nothing if we can’t deliver higher value to our customers, a quality that will match our new business model.

Our clients’ willingness to improve their workflows with our product, showed us that Cloudpipes holds tremendous potential for an enterprise solution. We worked closely with our customers to devise a new strategy that would allow us to move towards the enterprise sector. We know that our clients are the force that would help us make the leap forward. This is why we’re also dedicating more resources to supporting their requirements. Second, we aim to forge new partnerships that will allow us to enrich our integration ecosystem, and allow us to provide connectors to more enterprise business solutions. Thirdly, we are expanding. And we don’t mean just developing more integrations, but making sure our product is available to clients around the world. We also acquired hundreds of new clients that helped us better grasp their needs and make our product even more powerful. The possibilities are endless, and we believe that to be the next logical step in our evolution.

What changed?

A lot, to be honest. We welcomed new members that will help us grow our business operations. We also changed our brand image, which is now aligned with our new vision. We made some crucial changes to our product, improved the functionality, and developed new integrations. We also found new strength in our partnerships, which we’ll be looking to expand in 2018.

2017 was a very good year for us. One of the many wonderful things that happened to us was our partnership with Masergy, the award winning UCaaS platform. It not only allowed us to integrate their service into Cloudpipes, but it ensured that quality business process automation is being made available to more people. The implications of that partnership are much broader, spanning from broadening telephony integrations to automating provisioning of UCaaS users, and beyond. And it’s going to get better. We promise.

As mentioned already, we released new integrations based on customer demand. Chief among them being Broardworks, Netsuite, ServiceNow and GSuite. With Broadworks we’re expanding our telephony integrations. Netsuite made sense to use giving the fact that more businesses now are conducted in the cloud. With ServiceNow we’re hoping to expand our management CRM portfolio by offering this all-in-one management tool. And finally GSuite is the next logical solution for us, as our foundation lies in the Google Cloud.

What’s next?

We pretty much covered the more important aspects of our digital transformation. But it should be noted that Cloudpipes will continue working to provide more reliable user provisioning, more functional UCaaS integrations, and richer cloud solutions. 2018 will see us improving our existing integrations such as Jira and Salesforce, diversifying our range of cloud-based integrations with more options for on-premise and online solutions, and expanding our white label offerings to more businesses.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as they say. We have big ambitions for the upcoming year, and we’ll make sure to deliver big on promises past and present. Stick around for new and exciting news from Cloudpipes. We promise not to disappoint you.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Cloudpipes!

Join us for an even more spectacular 2018!